Trying to lose weight and nothing seems to work?

The problem with diets is that they don't address the underlying reasons behind your bad eating habits.

Think about it - logically you know that if you eat too much and don't exercise you will put on weight, but does that stop you from eating that bag of crisps or bar of chocolate?

Our subconscious is like a computer - it doesn't recognise logic. It does is what it's programmed to do - it keeps our habits running. So if over the years you have reached for food every time you are bored or stressed it becomes a habit and eventually you get to the point where your subconscious takes over.

If you don't address the underlying reasons behind your bad eating habits and retrain your subconscious to run new habits - as soon as you come off that diet you will revert to your old eating patterns and the weight will just pile back on.

As hypnotherapy works at the subconscious level, it can help you lose weight by changing the unhelpful patterns of eating.

However, to keep the weight off you then must be careful that you don't fall back into those unwanted behaviours - and that's where mindfulness comes in. It continues the work that hypnotherapy started.

The mindfulness-based approach to weight loss and weight management doesn't focus on dieting, measuring or weighing food, restricting or depriving yourself of certain foods, or counting calories or points. It focuses instead on learning mindfulness techniques that will help you step out of automatic pilot and reconnect with your body, managing your thoughts so that you can handle situations differently, reducing the stress and anxiety that leads to comfort eating.

This approach allows you to change the way you think and feel about food and, in doing so, change your eating habits in a way that supports a peaceful eating relationship with food in accordance with your body’s needs. You learn to give your body what it needs rather than what your mind tells you it wants.

If you are running around here, there and everywhere, juggling work and home life, reacting automatically to whatever is happening, things can get very stressful and it is so easy to resort to food to help us feel better, or to just eat whatever is on our plate.

By being more mindful, you are better able to:

  • Step out of automatic pilot and be more aware of when you are automatically reaching for food.

  • Stop the cycle of repeatedly losing and regaining weight.

  • Become more aware of how you may be self-sabotaging.

  • Trust yourself to feel and act upon what you body is telling you, rather than listening to what your mind tells you it wants.

  • Manage stress and anxiety in both your professional and your personal life without resorting to comfort eating.

As well as using hypnotherapy and mindfulness I will teach you some very useful mindfulness techniques so that you can use them once you leave so you can continue the work we started and become the person you want to be.

The initial weight loss session lasts 2 hours which ensures we have sufficient time to cover all aspects and give you a really good base upon which to start working from. Any follow-up sessions will be very much dependent upon how you feel you are progressing and we will discuss at that time whether you would benefit from a full one hour session or a 45 minute mindfulness session.

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