I offer a free 30 minute initial telephone consultation to help you decide if a session would be beneficial.

Sessions are held at my home office in Newstead, just outside Melrose, and whilst I prefer to see clients face to face for the first appointment, subsequent sessions can usually be offered online.

The initial session typically takes 90 minutes with any subsequent sessions lasting one hour.
Smoking cessation and weight loss take two hours.

  • One hour session £50

  • 90 minute session £60

  • Smoking cessation session £100

  • Weight Loss (2hrs) £100


Sessions can be face to face or online via skype or similar.
The first session lasts one hour and subsequent sessions around 45 minutes.

  • One hour session £40

  • 45 minute session £30

  • 3 session package £90 (one hour session and two 45 minute sessions)